"the craziest things that could happen"

  • Senior year (OB)

    Senior year (OB)

    Senior year (OB)

    You were overly excited as you walked back to class you still couldn’t get over the fact that you were finally a senior. You kept looking at the clock walking slower than usual in hopes that the bell would ring to release the students to go to there next class, but no matter how slowly you walked it seamed like time kept moving as slow as you were. So you decided to take a detour which meant walking the whole length of the school and going up stairs next to your favorite teachers class room, which you didn’t mind. As you approached the final hallway that took a sharp turn to the left to lead you to the final back hallway stare case, you ran into and old friend you said hi to him gave him a hug and walked away. When you reached the stairs you noticed that him and his friend were following you, you pushed the door open and asked where they were heading, and they both replied “the long way to class.” You chuckled for a moment realizing that you were doing the exact same thing, and noticing how stupid the question had been. You reached the top of the stairs first so you opened the door for them and with one of them being your friend he walked threw the door but his friend hesitated, “ladies first” he spoke as he reached higher above your head to hold the door open you insisted for him to go first when your friend said “it’s okay, she doesn’t mind” you shot a glair at him, and finally you walked threw the door as his friend smiled and nodded as if saying go ahead don’t listen to that goofball over there.

    You all kept walking but this time you were walking behind them, you kept looking at your friend and then at his friend as they had a conversation about the random-est things when you noticed how attractive his friend was and you couldn’t keep your eyes off of him, you checked him out over and over again moving your eyes up and down making sure you got every last detail about his body from his sculpted muscles to how his hair sat on his face.

    Your friend had glanced over and he noticed how hard core you were starring at him and said “are you liking the view?” immediately your face turned red  and you didn’t know what to do or how to act, all you could do was look down and try not to make eye contact with either one of them, you could feel the smirk on your friends face and the look of curiosity from his friend.

    "im sorry" you said "I was just thinking, about some stuff I didn’t realize that I was staring" there was a moment of silence, you hoped that they would buy the excuse, it took a moment then your friend said "huh" and continued to talk to his friend, a sigh of relief came over you and you smiled.

    As the hallway split in to two, you said by to both of them and headed of to class when all of a sudden someone grabbed your wrist, and spun you around landing a soft kiss on your lips, your eyes widen when you realized that it was _______(your friends friend) you closed your eyes and he deepened the kiss, and then pulled away “call me” he said as he placed a piece of paper in your hand with his number in it, at the same time the bell rang, perfect timing you thought.  You couldn’t wait to tell your friends what happened.

  • 1st Time (optional bias)

    1st Time (optional bias)

    1st Time (optional bias)

    You couldn’t sleep at night, the thought of him coming home for tour made you bounce off the walls with excitement. As you lay in bed looking at the ceiling, all you could think of was the way his lips felt against yours, the way his sweet soothing voice made everything and everyone disappear, the way he gazed in your eyes so passionately, and the way he held you ever so tight. You could still remember the night before he left, he had wrapped his arms around you leaving no room for you to breathe; inter-twining your feet to bring you even closer to him and squeezing so hard in hopes that he might not have to leave you, but no matter what would happen he wasn’t going to let go of you. As both of you laid in bed still snuggled together, he had made you promise that you would drive him to the air port that very next morning to make the trip a bit easier, and without any hesitation you agreed. 

    suddenly, his gaze met yours and unexpectedly, his lips were a few centimeters away from yours, softly placing a kiss on them, he looked up as to ask for approval, you didn’t mind so you kissed him back as he kissed you back even more passionately, this time his hands rubbed your back and slowly moving to your breast, when he got an inch away you pulled back, you stared at his eyes, “what are you doing?” you asked. He leaned in and whispered in your ear, “Just trust me… okay?” You knew that he was more experienced because you had never done anything sexual but trusted him so you nodded your head and continued to kiss him like you were before. It didn’t take long for his has to return to the same spot it had been prior, but this time he grabbed you breast and squeezed it softly causing you to let out a moan. He slowly began to take your pajamas off which was very easy because you slept in an oversized t shirt, and underwear; as he removed your shirt and threw it across the room he got on top of you his hands slowly pulling your underwear off and beginning to caress your thighs.


    While his lips were busy taking care of yours he pulled his pajama pants off, he spread your legs apart and leaned forward just enough for the tip of his member to caress your clit, teasing you. At that very moment you knew you wanted him inside of you, you pulled him closer wanting to feel his weight on top of you. That’s when he forced himself inside of you; you both let out a moan. He vigorously slid in and out, forcefully. Just then he began to massage your clit with his fingertips, you count take it anymore, you nearly passed out form the great pleasure you were feeling, with his hard long member inside and his fingers at work. He soon brought you to your climax and his followed shortly after, you felt him release inside you as he pulled out. He rolled off of you and whispered in your ear… “I’m glad that you trusted me.” You looked over at him, and kissed him again, “your amazing” you managed to say before you dozed off to sleep, he kissed your forehead and went to sleep.

  • sorry ):

    sorry ):

    sorry ):

    hey guys sorry i haven’t updated in a awhile, school just started for me and i haven’t got time to write but i figured it out.. so hopefully by Tuesday or Wednesday ill have one posted. in the mean time, does anyone have any request?

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    OMG I LOVE YOU! B2UTIES FTW! Do you take requests? cause if you do, i have one! If you do R-rated ones, First Time

    hahah yes i take requests. i always need new ideas (: you got it, R rated, first time (:

  • Midnight Birthday (read at your own risk)

    Midnight Birthday (read at your own risk)

    Midnight Birthday (read at your own risk)

    You were sitting on the couch waiting, you looked at the door and back at the clock, 11:59pm one minute and it was officially your birthday, you stared at the door in hopes that he would come running home to wish you a happy birthday, 10 minutes passed and you could no longer keep your eyes opened, so you decided to get up and get in the shower, hopefully it would wake me upyou though. You lean against the wall, closing your eyes listening to the soothing sound the water makes as it hits you and then gracefully sliding down your body. All of a sudden you hear the sound of the door open and close, your eyes shoot open, you peek out the shower curtain and call out his name, no answer. You thought you must be hearing things and returned to leaning against the wall and once more closing your eyes to listen to the calming sounds of the water. Abruptly you felt a cold breeze on your back one second later two arms were sliding down your sides to your waist, your posture remained unchanged, your eyes remained closed. As he took a step closer so that his body touched yours, he placed his lips near your ear and whispered… “Sorry I’m late, and I’m glad that you decided to take a shower. When he spoke all you could do was smile. His chin rested softly on your shoulder as he sang and spoke sweet nothings into your hear. you turned off the shower and spun around to face him, you looked at him and could say nothing, both of you leaned towards each other and just before your lips met his he said let’s get out of here, I’m getting cold, you busted into laughter as he wrapped the towel around you. He placed his arms around you and kissed your neck softly, leading you to your room. You gasped as he opened the door to your room, it was covered with rose petals and candles lit every inch of the room. Do you like? He asked, even though he had already known what the response would have been. You gave him a dumb look, but responded to the question that was asked, yes! I love it!~

    he grabbed you by the hand and walked you to the foot of the bed, he slung his arm hard so that you spun around to face him he kissed you passionately and then threw you on the bed, he crawled on top of you and continued to kiss you passionately, he spread your legs slowly, so slowly in fact that you had no idea what he just did He rubbed his tip against your clit, teasing you, letting you know that just because it was your day of birth he wasn’t goanna let you have what you wanted. Eventually he entered your body, you let out a moan as he pushed in. You could feel his steamy breath against your skin. With every thrust he started moaning your name, and you couldn’t help but to moan his. Then finally, both of came to orgasm. He collapsed on top of you, both of y’all heart beat and breathing in sync with one another. As he rolled over to lie comfily next to you, you looked over at him, and whispered I’m glad I decided to a shower too. He kissed you on the cheek and you both fell asleep.